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Winter Wine and Cheese Social and Annual Meeting 2020

Last Thursday night, the UNA chapter of Centre County was honored by the attendance of circa 60 guests to enjoy Dr Grace Hampton’s audience-engaging sharing of her interest and collection of fabrics from West Africa. She even used our Vice-President, Shawn Arnold, to model how to wear a traditional hand-woven fabric as well as showing how to wrap a traditional headdress.

There was a nice spread of many kinds of cheese, savory and sweet side snacks, and beverages were appreciatively taken part of as we had little to pack up and take home!

We also welcomed 3 new board members.

Jennifer Blackburn Miller

Shumail Memon

Stephen Woods

Thank you, Dr Hampton and to those who came.

A round of applause to all the board members who arranged the event.

Check our sites regularly for future events!

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