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75th Anniversary Celebration

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Please join us as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and celebrate its past accomplishments, discuss its present initiatives, and look ahead to a vibrant future.

Our program is available at the UNA-Centre County website

  • Introductory Remarks: Robert Lumley-Sapanski, Chapter President:

  • Videos: 75 years of UNA – USA and United Nations

  • UN DAY Proclamation: Michael Pipe, Centre County Commissioner: Proclamation UN Day

  • Greeting and comments on global health challenges especially in Covid-19 time: Brian Massa, United Nations Foundation: Speaks about Shot@Life, their program to get children life saving vaccines.

  • H.E. Ambassador Prof Judi Wakhungu: “The United Nations at 75: Reflecting on our Global Commitment to Multilateralism.”

  • 2020 Make-a-Difference Project: Shot@Life

  • Closing Comments: Bob Lumley Sapanski

· Celebration Song by the Playing for Change Foundation Children

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