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The UN, Israel, and the Palestinians

At the crossroads of three major religions, the Middle East has long been a conflict zone.  The UN and League of Nations both played a role in the creation of the State of Israel and in attempting to mediate conflicts in the region.  This page highlights some of the major initiatives.

Starting points

Early 20th Century diplomacy and the British Mandate and Balfour Declaration

UN, early discussions, and partition

Special Committee on Palestine--Report (1947) -- in May 1947 the General Assembly appointed a special committee to examine issues related to the end of the British Mandate and the future of Palestine (Resolution .  They were required to file a report by Sept. 1, 1947 for consideration at the Plenary Session that year.


Palestine plan of partition with economic union – General Assembly resolution 181 --

Palestinian Resistance
  • The Palestinian Liberation Organization

  • Hamas

  • Hezbollah

Major US Initiatives

  • Camp David Accords  - Brokered by President Jimmy Carter, the accords, signed at Camp David, outlined a framework for peace in the Middle East and led to a formal peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979.  (from the Dept of State Historian)

The UN and the Partition of Palestine
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