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The UN and the Climate Crisis

The United Nations has been at the forefront of discussions on the global response needed to combat climate change.  Below are a few of the most important sources of information on the climate crisis from the UN Family of Agencies as well as some information on the local impacts.


Remarks by the Secretary General at the COP 27 summit

July 2023, the hotest month on record

Key Resources


UN News on Climate and the Environment

Main Bodies
Departments and Programs
Specialized Agencies

The UN family of agencies includes many with specialized missions, including the study of the effects of climate change.


Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations with consultative status at the UN have a formal role in the development of UN policies and programs.  They work most closely with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)  A complete list of NGOs with consultative  status is available at the UN website


Local Organizations & Research Centers


Local News on Climate Change
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