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Further Research on the UN

There are many research guides available for those who want to explore more about the UN.  This guide lists only a few key resources.  The Penn State University Libraries, University Park maintains a comprehensive collection of UN documentation and has a specialist who can help you locate information.  Consult PSU's research guide for for information.

Key Documents/Resources
  • UN Charter

  • Report of the Secretary General

  • UN Yearbook -- the most authoritative account of the work of the UN it describes the organizations work in key areas and includes extensive references to the primary source UN documentations.  Because it can take several years to produce the most recent complete year is 2014.  Be sure to look at the "pre-publication" material for updates.

  • UN Treaty Series Online -- a database of bilateral and multilateral treaties filed with the UN

  • UN Handbook -- produced by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is an excellent starting point for understanding the UN

Dag Hammarskjold Research Guides by subject --  the UN library in NY is a great place to start.  The guide is arrange by topic.  The library also has a chat service where you can ask for help.

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