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The upcoming 2020 elections are, perhaps, the most important in generations and UNA is partnering with The Better World Campaign to educate its membership on the global issues at stake. To those ends they have developed a website with resources that can be used to educate yourself for discussions with local, state, and national candidates and before you fill out your final ballot. Please visit their website at

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As of today, March 7, 2020, the World Health Organization has reported that there have been over 100,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus world wide.

Just last week, the UN itself decided due to the current situation of the COVID-19 to cancel the Global Engagement Summit that would draw around 1500 young people and would take place starting Friday, March 27 at the UN Headquarters, New York, NY

The Global Engagement Summit (GES) is an annual five-day conference that brings together student delegates from around the world and equips them with tangible skills to develop and implement meaningful social ventures. The annual Summit provides these young entrepreneurs with professional mentorships, capacity-building workshops, influential speakers and tangible takeaway resources, as well as the opportunity to establish long-lasting connections with like-minded students and industry experts.

However, to compensate, it has been announced that the GES will soon be launching the Global Engagement Online Series, a virtual alternative to the summit which will keep the global youth inspired, informed, and connected to the UN this year. More information will soon follow. Who knows, this may lead to a new format for the years to come.

Continue to check the shared UN link on our page to get updated news of the coronavirus. From my readings of the subject alone this past month, WHO is the go-to organization for trusted information on the COVID-19. Stay safe.

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